Vladimir Bolea: The Next Parliament Will Have a Strong Pro-European Majority

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PAS vice-chairman Vladimir Bolea is convinced that the next parliament will have a clear pro-European majority, consisting of at least 58 deputies. However, for this to happen, the pro-European parties must focus on the statements they send to citizens, the MP said on TVR Moldova. "I am firmly convinced that there will be a very strong pro-European majority in the 11th legislative assembly, consisting of at least 58 truly pro-European deputies. Believe me, the numbers may be higher, but it all depends on political parties and their ideas. Formally, there are 54 parties in the Republic of Moldova, but in fact there are a maximum of 10 political parties that are alive, functioning, which have something to offer. Otherwise, their record in the Ministry of Justice does not mean that they are political parties. We have parties that need to build a real relationship with the voter, especially in the coming two months, in order to demonstrate their message, tell the voter why they want to get into parliament. If the only message from the right-wing parties is that they will attack the PAS and the president, it is obvious that they will not be voted for, because the people are tired of such attacks. If the right-wing parties are looking for their doctrine, the message they want to convey to the citizens, and what they want to do in the next parliament, then we will have a pro-European majority," Vladimir Bolea explained.