Alaiba: There are many arguments for Stoianoglo's departure

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PAS deputy Dumitru Alaiba strongly criticized Prosecutor General Alexander Stoianoglo. The MP believes that if the current prosecutor keep leading the Prosecutor General's Office, "the country will lose 5 years," reports. "Stoianoglo has to leave. I have said this before. I did not believe in Stoianoglo's good intentions for a single day. This is due to how he agreed to become a prosecutor. This method is popularly called" at any cost. "In 2019, Dodon replaced the Sandu government Attorney General Stoyanoglo So he played chess then, right? Stoianoglo has not and does not independent. There are many arguments for his departure. Okay, let's assume that we are wrong, that we are incompetent, or that we don't see things right. Suppose Stoianoglo is the victim of a campaign of vilification, it is alleged. But now, when it is clear that his days are numbered, an independent person, a person who is not encouraged by partners ("Hi, Veaceslav "), would have left voluntarily long ago. Because that's the only way to leave with your head held high. But this is not about Stoianoglo. However, he must leave. I do not want to lose another five years before the expiration of his mandate. Over the course of two years we have seen how skillful he is at jamming everything. That’s enough. Important! Of the dozens of reasons for Prosecutor General Stoyanoglo to leave, none are related to his nationality. Do not incite ethnic strife in our country. Corruption has no ethnicity,” Alaiba wrote. Recall that yesterday the Minister of Justice Sergiu Litvinenko registered a law draft with mechanisms to dismiss the Prosecutor General before the expiration of his 7-year mandate provided for by the current legislation.