Chicu: The Domestic Loans’ Interest Has Almost Tripled

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Former Prime Minister Ion Chicu again attacked the PAS government and the president. Chicu was outraged by the fact that “the domestic loans’ interest has almost tripled”, reports “Since Maia Sandu “brought the country out of isolation”, the domestic loans’ interest for the state has increased by almost 3 times. On January 4, in order to be able to pay salaries and pensions, illiterate authorities made loans on the domestic market for 91 days at 8.98%, which is 2.63 times more expensive for the budget than in September (3.42%) and 2.66 times more expensive than in January 2021. (3,37%). Maia, why are you lending money at 10% if the country is out of isolation? What do you discuss on your numerous trips abroad? A gang of illiterates, brought to power by the people, will not leave a stone of this country unturned. Like in 2014, when, while in power, they stole 14 billion lei from banks and gave the airport to Sor,” Ion Chicu said. It should be noted that in last November, the state debt increased by more than 4.4 billion lei, both internal and external. According to the data provided by the Ministry of Finance, it has now increased by about 10%. Point