Ionita: Moldova Is Forced to Join Sanctions against Russia

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Economic expert Veaceslav Ionita said that although Moldova has not publicly joined the international sanctions imposed against Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, our country is preparing all the levers to join them. Moreover, Veaceslav Ionita believes that Moldova, whether it wants to or not, must join these sanctions, reports “Moldova is forced to join the international sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation, whether we want to or not. Let me give you an example: when international sanctions were imposed on the banking system, our banking system complied with all the sanctions imposed. If we had not done this, we would have been punished on the same day, and our banking system would have repeated Russia’s fate. So far, without changing the legal framework, and without publicly stating that we are in the sanctions channel, in fact, we are taking all measures to ensure that Moldova imposes these sanctions against the Russian Federation in those dimensions where international sanctions are imposed,” Ionita said on the broadcast of the Jurnal TV channel. Yesterday, President Maia Sandu said that Moldova will not allow the possibility of evading sanctions against Russia through its banking system and through re-export. “We will not allow evasion of sanctions through our banking system. As for the financial and banking system, our banks comply with all policies and restrictions established by international payment systems, including restrictions on SWIFT or Visa and MasterCard card systems. These sanctions are being observed,” the President said. Point