The European Commission Proposed to Liberalize Road Transport with Ukraine and Moldova

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Due to the blockage of Ukrainian seaports by Russia, the European Commission proposed to the EU Council to start negotiations on liberalizing road freight transport with Ukraine and Moldova. The European Commission has stood up with initiative to open negotiations with Kyiv and Chisinau on partial liberalization of road freight transport. This proposal was submitted to the EU Council on Wednesday, April 6, the press service of the European Commission reported. "Today we propose to conclude transport agreements with Ukraine and Moldova, which partially liberalize the conditions of their carriers in the EU," European Commissioner for Transport Adina Valean said. "This will allow Ukraine to shift important export goods from sea routes, currently unavailable due to the Russian military aggression," she added. All Ukrainian seaports are blocked by Russia Now all the seaports of Ukraine - in the Black and Azov Seas - are completely blocked by Russia, with no trading opportunities. The transport agreement will allow to preserve supply chains, in particular food, the European Commission added. The blockade of Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea also closed trade routes for Moldova. "Our proposal will provide immediate relief to the economies of these two countries," Valean said. The European Commission's proposal will allow transport companies from Ukraine, Moldova and the EU to transit through each other's territories. Brussels officials also proposed to simplify the recognition of Ukrainian driver's licenses and certificates of professional competence to further support Ukrainian drivers. DW