Sandu on Relations with Russia: What Can We Talk about in War Time?

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President Maia Sandu said that Moldova and Russia maintain a dialogue through embassies, but it is only on “vital topics”. “What kind of communication can there be in this military situation? We are amid war in the region. Our country has expressed support for Ukraine which has been attacked and which is defending its territorial integrity, sovereignty, the possibility of self-determination at the cost of the lives of its citizens. This war has clearly significantly changed the relationship between Moldova and the Russian Federation. Yes, we communicate on vital subjects, but otherwise we are against the war, call for peace and join those who ask Russia to stop the military aggression,” said Maia Sandu, quoted by Maia Sandu also touched on the gas issue implying that Russia will not offer a lower price without demanding something in return. “Russia is clearly not offering a price below the market price for doing nothing. This is obvious. Now we can only make assumptions and express our opinion about what Russia might demand, but it is quite clear that when market prices have reached such a high level, the Russian Federation is trying to get as much money as possible. Yes, the Russian Federation tried to open the topic to other issues in the same discussion with the gas contract, we claimed these to be different things, and we did not want to enter this discussion,” the head of state said. We would like to note that Moldova is getting ready for a situation, when “Gazprom” could limit gas supplies to our country. Probable scenarios constitute the suspension of gas supply in the proportion from 35% to 100%.