Bjerde: The World Bank Is Ready to Support Moldova’s Wish to Join the EU

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The World Bank (WB) is in the final stage of preparing a new Partnership Framework with Moldova for the next five years. Anna Bjerde, WB Vice President for Europe and Central Asia, who is on a visit to Chisinau, said this in an interview, reports. “Under the new Framework, we will work together with the Moldovan government to make public services more accessible, efficient and transparent, and the Moldovan economy more dynamic, green and sustainable,” she said. According to her, the Framework Program will help ensure that Moldovans have access to better quality education and health care, and provide support to the poorest segments of the population, especially in times of crisis. “And here I would like to emphasize that preparedness for crisis situations depends largely on the authorities’ ability to cope with them. But it is even more important not to forget the long-term development program. And in this respect, investments in human capital and capacity building are of paramount importance,” Anna Bjerde said. The WB is happy to support Moldova’s path to EU accession. “The World Bank is ready to work together with all stakeholders to fully support the much-anticipated EU accession and build a prosperous and socially-oriented society for all Moldovans,” she concluded.