Premier Energy Cuts Power to Apa-Canal Chisinau Head Office

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Premier Energy informs it has disconnected the head office of Apa-Canal Chisinau headquarters from electricity due to current debts of 73.2 million lei, of which 44.7 million lei are overdue bills. To avoid more debts, the energy supplier offered to develop cut-off schedules so that the total amount of electricity consumed would meet Apa-Canal Chisinau’s payment capacities, reports. The energy supplier notes that despite the repeated notices sent to Apa-Canal Chisinau, to some state institutions and local public administration on the need for constructive solutions to settle the accumulated debts for consumed electricity and to overcome the current situation, nothing has changed so far. “Apa-Canal Chisinau did not take any concrete actions to address the situation nor did it propose a credible mechanism, while the water supplier's debts continue to grow every day. Note that the amounts offered by Apa-Canal Chisinau to be paid in monthly payments are insufficient, do not really reduce the debt and do not even cover the current consumption, which aggravates the situation with liquidity deficit of the energy supplier. Thus, there is an increased risk that Premier Energy will not fulfill its own obligations to Energocom and other energy companies that provide services to Premier Energy. Premier Energy SRL provides services to the population and, being the center of financial flows in the energy sector, is responsible for their sustainability in relation to the branch companies that form the power supply chain,” the energy company said in a statement.