Recean on the Failure of the Airport Tender: It Was Sabotaged Internally and Externally

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Prime Minister Dorin Recean sees no problem with the way the airport auction was organized, despite arguments pointing to a possible attempt to rig it. Along with Andrei Spinu, Recean insists that someone “from inside and outside” could have sabotaged the tender, which resulted in only two bidders submitting applies in the end. In addition, Recean announced an investigation to determine who the “saboteurs” were. “The PPA will present a rather clear programme on how the auction can be resumed since it was sabotaged. I have seen that there are only two bidders, that is not enough. It is already clear that the tender has been sabotaged both internally and externally. The investigation will figure out how all this happened. The PPA will be very clear on what the calendar is for the next auction,” Recean said. The prime minister believes Ilan Sor is to blame for the debacle. “That was the aim of this group - to perpetuate Sor’s presence in these commercial premises. Their goal is to discredit this tender process. The airport and other infrastructure need investment and that is what the government is looking for - investment. We have become partners with the AFC Financial Corporation, which also has the experience, but importantly, the necessary reputation to have a transparent process of attracting these investments, as well as serious investors,” Prime Minister Recean claimed. We shall remind you that on Monday, 19 February, the deadline for registering participants in the auction for commercial premises at the Chisinau International Airport expired, and the responsible minister, Andrei Spinu, announced that the auction would not be held and a new tender would be announced. The reason is that there are only two registered participants - the French company Lagardere and the company LeBridge.