Moldova Provides Ukraine with All Possible Electricity

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After a recent strike on Ukrainian power facilities, most of Odesa and oblast were left without electricity. Moldova is supplying maximum volumes of electricity there. As Ukrenergo reported, two substations in Odesa and oblast came under attack. “High-voltage facilities cannot transmit all the power required by the city. DTEK Odesa Power Grids are forced to apply emergency shutdowns in Odesa and oblast. That is, the schedules are invalid,” the distribution company reported. On 25 March, all city electric transport did not work, power consumption of industry was limited. Ukraine is receiving maximum electricity imports from Moldova, according to data from the ENTSO-E platform of EU energy system operators. The capacity of hourly deliveries from 8.00 to 9.00 rose to 952 MW. This is the highest figures since mid-February.