Parlicov: We Buy Energy from MoldGRES to Ensure Stability in this Region

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Energy Minister Victor Parlicov said that the Tiraspol administration risks losing half of the region’s budget if Chisinau refuses to buy electricity from MGRES. The head of the Energy Ministry claims that compared to the situation three years ago, everything has changed now: those who were dependent have become independent, meaning Chisinau’s progress in the energy security policy. “If we talk about the MoldGRES, yes, we still buy electricity from there. The difference is that until now we had no possibility to suspend purchase from them, this dependence was forced. Now it has become more like interdependence. Having survived the crisis, the so-called “perfect storm” of November 2022, we have demonstrated that we are more resilient than the people of Transnistria in the face of such challenges. We purchase energy on the left bank, first of all, to ensure the stabilization of the social situation in this region. If we cancel this contract, if we do not buy electricity from this plant, the budget of the separatist region will lose more than 50% of its revenues, and the region will very quickly collapse and fall into insolvency, into a crisis that could turn into a humanitarian one, which contradicts to what we want,” Energy Minister Victor Parlicov told Deutsche Welle in Berlin during the conference “Energy Transition Dialogue 2024”.